Past Conferences

KIES 2018: Industry 4.0 Human and Machine

Although the rapid development of new technologies has the potential to raise global income level and improve the quality of life, it also replaced several jobs with computers and robots. Compared with previous industrial revolution, the 4IR is evolving exponentially. It is vital to ask how the future will change and what are the necessary skills that our generation should be equipped. Are we going to educate our children with some of the useful skills for now, but useless in the future? Will humans become too dependent on technology?

At BizWorld 2018 conference, we are excited to discuss all these questions. Seminars will be given by industry experts and professors to provide insights into technological innovations in Korea. Students will be encouraged to think critically through case competition to find solutions for challenges of modern society.



Conference to bring together tomorrow’s young minds to work on creating business based on Internet of Things

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Culture Night
  • Sharing Session
  • Interactive Session
  • Debate Session
  • International Night and much more!


In 2016, we arranged the first KAIST International Entrepreneurship Summit. 50 participants from over 10 countries have participated in a week-long conference. Exclusive speakers gave interesting talks across the first three days about how their companies and products leverage technology to enhance education.

Speakers included Jimmy Kim (Co-founder & partner at SparkLabs Global Ventures
Co-founder and president of N3N), 
Hyunwoo Sun (Co-founder of talk-to-me in Korean, the most popular website for learning Korean language online), Jaewon Cho (CEO of elice Inc., an interactive coding platform to bring highly effective programming class).

In the last days, delegates worked in teams to create a business plan on for their projects. A series of presentations was carried out to collect comments and suggestions from mentors and peers. The winning team was selected by our mentors and speakers.

Lastly delegates got to experience Korean culture throughout the week from evening Taekwondo class and Korean tea session. The event ended with day trip to a large Hanok village (Korean traditional houses) in Jeonju.