Sociopreneurship: Empowering Social Change

Join KIES 2019 on 25-28th June in Daejeon, South Korea.
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What is it all about?

In KIES 2019, BizWorld aims to spread the knowledge and know-how of the business and social world through the theme of Social Entrepreneurship. Social Entrepreneurship involves the integration of business and social sectors that will benefit the society by providing solutions to social, cultural and environmental issues. By reflecting on how these actions and strategies will create a tremendous effect on our society, BizWorld envisions to provide our delegates with a conference that will allow them to ignite the spirit of social entrepreneurship and incorporate this socially responsible action in every place they go in the future.


What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is the integration between business and social sectors that overcomes social, cultural and environmental issues through the socially responsible movement employed and developed  in various companies and startups. These movements are driven by the goals of social entrepreneurs to not prioritize profit as their main objective, but instead to implement widespread improvements in our society.

We are living in a world of tremendous economic growth, technology revolution, yet one of income inequality, poverty, and lot of concerns about diversity, inclusion, fairness, and equity at work. Therefore, social entrepreneurship rises to overcome these issues. Social entrepreneurs play the role of change agents in the social sector by relentlessly pursuing new opportunities to serve social value and engaging in continuous innovation.

“Social entrepreneurs are the essential corrective force. They are system-changing entrepreneurs. And from deep within they, and therefore their work, are committed to the good of all.”

– Ashoka founder Bill Drayton




At our conference



Case competition

Company visit

A wide array of discussions with Korea’s experienced business experts ranging from CEOs to distinguished professors

Amicable events which serve as an opportunity to interact, work and collaborate

Utilizing the new skills learnt to actively explore, create and share new ways of building a business plan

An eclectic mix of Korean cultural sites along with an equally intriguing set of successful Korean companies

And more…

Cultural Night

Sharing Session

Networking Dinner

Game Night

South Korea has a rich historical and cultural background in the most diverse activities, such as music, dance and cinematography.

Sharing your own experiences and learning from others are important tools for business and personal development.

We intend to connect them both professionally and personally and create ties that go further than KIES 2019.

After such hard work, enjoyment is a tool for better productivity and networking.

Application Timeline & Fee

Date Application Term KAIST* Domestic* International

15~30th April
~12th May
~31st May
Early Application
Regular Application
Late Application

*Fees in Korean Won (KRW)
KAIST student and domestic students fees are partly supported by KAIST

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